Derek Carr and his confident self

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After having meetings with the Browns, Broncos, and the Titans, Derek Carr believes he’s the best quarterback in the draft. In terms of publicity, he isn’t getting even close as the current top QB’s in the draft.

He had a solid Pro Day. He threw 56 for 63 despite overnight hospitalization due to a stomach virus. NFL teams have showed no skepticism due to his recent stay in the hospital, because they haven’t been been hesitant in showing interest. Besides his solid playing style, rocket arm, maturity, and confidence.

After his workout with the Browns, he is quoted saying “yes, I am the best,” “there is no doubt in my mind I can play with those guys, and if we’re going to compete, I like my chances.”

With all of this being said, I’m not sure Carr is going to be great right off the bat. From the way it looks right now, the Browns are going to hire him for the starting spot, or at least give Brian Hoyer a run for his money. I have a feeling things aren’t going to go his way. He won’t have time to learn from a seasoned veteran, and he just doesn’t have the assets to excel in his first year as a starting quarterback. Not to mention the Cleveland curse, things just aren’t looking up in that organization. If it’s a question of Brady or Bust, I’m going for BUST.

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