Recovering Mettenberger draft stock questions

LSU’s Zach Mettenberger had surgery on his ACL on January 2nd, 2014. Typically, that would require about a year to recover. But, Mettenberger attended his pro-day just 13 weeks after his surgery and displayed a performance that would have been considered very solid even for a QB who is 100% healthy.

There are many questions about Mettenberger, but most of them have to do with his knee. Besides the fact that he got back on the field after surgery which shows an unbelievable amount of determination, confidence, and hard work, there are questions regarding if his knee be able to withstand the pressures of an NFL field. This is probably why only 5 coaches attended LSU’s pro day. Nonetheless, he was able to show on-the-run passes as well as mobility in the pocket, despite his refusal to run the 40-yard dash.

He had a pretty average collegiate career after jumping from Georgia, to a community college, and then to LSU. In his senior season he threw 53% with 12 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. But he has exceptional measurables (standing 6’5″), and a rocket arm (as displayed in the video above). Let’s look at how Tom Brady looked like right out of college: great arm, lack of speed, and confidence. Pretty similar to Mr. Mettenberger. With this along with his experience with overcoming adversity, I’m going to say Mettenberger will be a Brady… not a bust this time.

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Great article from ESPN here


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