Taking a look at Jimmy Garoppolo

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Jimmy Garoppolo is the winner of the Walter Payton award for the season of 2013. The award goes to the most outstanding player in the FCS. Now it’s almost typical that players in the FCS don’t succeed in the NFL, but the vast amount of winners who succeed in the NFL can argue the contrary – Tony Romo, Brian Westbrook, and Adrian Peterson are all past winners of the award.

Garoppolo has a different playing style. He’s deceiving and incredibly intelligent with the ball. But, he has a different throwing motion that takes away from his accuracy and distance, but also allows for a quick release. There has to be something there, after all he’s projected as a second round pick. He has a style that doesn’t usually fend well in the NFL, and that is what separates great college players from great NFL players. If the question is Brady or Bust, then Garoppolo sadly falls into the bust category.

To see his draft profile, click here.

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