Murray’s pro-day a success?

Embed from Getty Images

On April 16th, a total of 23 NFL teams traveled to the University of Georgia to watch the Bulldogs train in their annual pro-day. Aaron Murray, the quarterback, attracted the majority of the attention on this day. He is usually known for his accurate arm and sharp instincts, but on the pro-day, he was known for the black piece of plastic wrapped around his left knee.

He showed all of the coaches he was healthy with some on the running passes and cuts. The session also showed his versatility with a huge variety of throws and plays. Teammates said he was “on the money” and played like “you’d expect an NFL quarterback to play.” He appeared stronger than he was before his injury that happened 4 months ago.

Is he deserving of his 2nd round projection? Maybe. 4th-6th round? Probably. Will he succeed in the NFL? You be the judge. Leave your comments here or shoot me a tweet.

Take a look at his pro-day recap here


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