Can Murray push past size doubts?

Embed from Getty Images

Aaron Murray has been a very notable quarterback for the Georgia Bulldogs over the past few years. But somehow, his name has evaporated from the spotlight ever since the 2013 season passed. Why?

Drew Brees and Russel Wilson are two prime examples that show that shorter guys can succeed in the NFL. But, Murray lacks the stocky frame that is seen in these two players, and also has had some severe knee injuries in the past. Nonetheless, Murray has a spectacular arm, and seems to always do “the little things right.”

Now, I try to look past the size of a player and look at other credentials. Even so, I have my doubts. Experts are comparing him to Andy Dalton, who hasn’t had a spectacular NFL career thus far. Who knows, maybe his ability to create a lot of small positives will blossom into one stellar NFL quarterback. But for now, Murray will be no Brady… he is a BUST.

Check out his draft profile HERE


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