Logan Thomas and VT’s quarterback system

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The Jacksonville Jaguars have had trouble with the quarterback position for the past 5 years. Virginia Tech hasn’t put out a solid NFL quarterback since Michael Vick was drafted almost 14 years ago.

The pair doesn’t seem logical given these two facts. Logan Thomas looks sub-par on paper, but he looks pretty good on the replays. Most people leave his positives by the wayside, but every game he’ll have a few throws that could have been made by only a handful of QB’s on the planet. On the other hand, one can argue that he was not given the proper tools (wide receivers) to have a successful college career. I’m not convinced. If the Jaguars pass on a QB in their first round pick and wait (as seen in the article here), I’m sure they’ll be able to pick up a better option than Mr. Thomas.

If anyone drafts him (which they shouldn’t), needless to say, he’ll be a big ol’ bust.

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2 thoughts on “Logan Thomas and VT’s quarterback system

  1. First sentence needs some work, Mike. See if you can repair it.

    Mike: What about Derek Carr of my alma mater Fresno State? What’s your call? He seems to be flying under the radar lately.

    Be a little kind to these college quarterbacks, who are your age. They aren’t millionaires yet.

    Good idea, when you add a link, to identify the article just a bit. From where? Or by whom? Credit is good. Helps readers know if they want to click on the link.


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