Tajh Boyd rises in pro-day

Embed from Getty Images

In early March, Clemson hosted their pro-day for NFL scouts. Tajh Boyd still had something to prove to the scouts after an average combine performance.

Despite being surrounded by two of the best wide-receivers in the upcoming draft (Martavis Bryant and Sammy Watkins), Boyd had an impressive performance with 66 completions out of 67 passes. Needless to say he’s got a great arm, but he’s got a few minor weaknesses. He sometimes scrambles a little early, and he also is a bit on the shorter side.

Tajh Boyd will be better in the NFL than most people make him out to be. He just has to study up on film and get over the jitters of being under pressure, then he could be a spectacular QB. After all, Tom Brady had a few minor weaknesses… Look at him now. I have confidence in Boyd, so he’ll be in the “Brady” category. Any team would be lucky to have him as a backup for his first few years.

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