David Fales bursting into the draft scene

Embed from Getty Images

David Fales of San Jose State, is somebody you’re going to want to look out for in the future. He is a junior college transfer who had the highest completion percentage in college football in 2012, with a 72.5% completion percentage. A quarterback can’t earn this high of numbers without some perseverance and exceptional work ethic.

He’s being compared to Kellen Moore (current Detroit Lions quarterback) because of his size and arm strength. But there is much more to this guy than just his shorter size. He has better intangibles than any other quarterback that is eligible for the draft: he can lead vocally, by example, and is a great player to coach. He has an incredibly high football IQ, not to mention he has incredible accuracy and is as tough as a moose.

Looking past his strengths, he needs to work on arm strength and accuracy downfield. Hearing about him, it seems that his workhorse attitude will improve these issues no problem. Other than that, I don’t see any downsides of drafting Mr. Fales.

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