Brett Smith the Cowboy

It’s no secret the Dallas Cowboys are looking for a quarterback. Kyle Orton is looking to retire and Tony Romo is piling up his years, the Cowboys are certainly looking to bring in some fresh legs. It all depends on what they decide to do in the first round. Do they wait until the later rounds to pick up a QB? Or, do they jump on the bandwagon and snag one quickly in the first round?

Romo is still looking like he will be the starting quarterback for the 2014 season, so it seems logical that they would pick up a quarterback in the later rounds to groom him for when Romo leaves or retires. They have been looking at Garrett Gilbert, but Brett Smith seems to have garnered a little more attention and seems a bit more NFL ready. They are looking for an “under the radar” quarterback, and it looks promising for Smith.

Read this article by SB Nation on his possibilities.


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